Caravan Trackers

GPS Tracker

Caravan theft is at an all time high. The very nature of a caravan makes it an easy target for thieves with no engine to start up and a number plate that can be switched in seconds.

Caravan trackers can not only notify you the moment your caravan is moved but also enable the police to apprehend the caravan thief’s and recover your valuable caravan.  We have a range of Caravan trackers that need no installation simply charge the device and hide away in your caravan. Some of our caravan trackers will run for up to 12 months on one charge and because there are no wires to trace the caravan thief will find it almost impossible to find the caravan tracking device. The units are self contained so will not flatten your leisure battery.

If your caravan is stored miles away from your home a GPS caravan tracker can give you extra peace of mind knowing you will be alerted if your caravan was moved.

No Subscription Caravan Trackers

Unlike many caravan GPS tracking systems some of our Caravan GPS trackers have no ongoing subscription fees or contracts. The trackers work with a standard pay as you go SIM card so you only pay for the cost of a text message when you want to locate your vehicle. If you want more detailed tracking we have Caravan tracking devices that will give full live real time tracking.

If you need any help or advice on our caravan tracking systems please give us a call on 0800 009 6366

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Showing all 3 results