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THINKWARE – F50 – Dash Cam


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Thinkware F50 Dash Cam

The Thinkware F50 is a forward facing Dash Cam.  It features a Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor that captures Full HD 1080p video at 30fps. In case of an incident you’ll be able to see clearly what has occurred and who’s involved. The dash cam has a built-in Active Impact Monitoring system using a 3-axis G-Sensor allowing you to monitor and differentiate incidents based on multiple recording modes.

Once purchased we will arrange with you a time and place to install the dash cam.  One of our engineers will come to you to professionally fit the camera. When installation is complete, the camera will come on as soon as there is power to the vehicle.

Parking Mode

The camera also features a built in parking mode. This means the device stays on even after the ignition is off to provide impact and motion detection surveillance even when you are away from your car.

Thermal Protection Mode

The thermal sensor triggers the self-protection mechanism to shut down the device under extreme temperatures


Intelligence Auto Exposure
Smart Focusing System
Noise Reduction System
ACCE (Adaptive Colour and Contrast System)

Resolution Full HD 1080P
30fps Frame Rate
Viewing Angle 130°(Diagonal)

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