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Wired Quad Bike Tracker GPS – Subscriptions Free


wired tracker features

Back2You Quad Bike Tracker

movement alert

Movement Alert
Will send you a text message
The instant your quad bike is stolen
Giving location and speed.


No subscription fees
Works with a pay as you go sim
Comes with compatible SIM card, simply top up £10 to activate online initially


Track on your phone
No software or apps required
Control your tracker by text message.


tracker is ready to use

Comes ready to use
Just connect to power
No complicated set up required.



If you are looking for a Quad Bike tracker with no subscription fees or contracts then the wired quadbike tracker is the perfect answer. The unit is compact and easy to use with just 2 wires to connect to the vehicle battery. The unit works with a pay as you go SIM card so you only pay for the text messages alerts sent when the unit alerts you of a theft. You can set the quad tracker to send a text alert the moment it moves or you can geo fence the perimeter of your property or farm so that you get an alert if it strays off your land.

What is Optional Real time tracking? – in normal text mode your quadbike tracker will notify you the moment it moves then update you of its location every 3 mins. If you need to see your tracker moving around in real time you can add the live real time tracking option. This will give you the ability to log in to the www.back2youtracking.com live tracking server or use the live tracking app. You will also be able to get a full history of where your quad bike tracker has been. After 12 months we will send you an option if you wish to continue this service.


Size: 90mm x 50mm x 12mm
Weight: 65g
Working Voltage 12-24v
5 Meter Accuracy outdoors
12 months guarantee
Operates in temperatures from -20c to +65c

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