Social Distancing GPS Tracker & Warning System
Social Distancing GPS Tracker & Warning System
Social Distancing GPS Tracker & Warning System

Social Distancing GPS Tracker & Warning System

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Small ID Card GPS Tracker that can warn the wearer when they are too close to somebody else also wearing a device with a gentle vibration reminder, battery operated simply charge up and go then let the powerful online software do the rest for you.

What are the benefits?

  • The new solution will surely give more employees the green light to return to their workplaces feeling safe and focused on the main duties
  • Can be used as a tool to refine discipline among those who regularly break the distance rules.
  • In case of employee illness, it is possible to trace back who came into close contact with the device. Thus, only colleagues who were in contact with the infected person go into quarantine, while the others will keep on working.
  • The solution is ideal for controlling the maximum occupancy and supervising access at entrances in sectors such as transport (airport, rail), corporate buildings (common areas), retail (both stores and shopping centers), public buildings (areas of procedures), hospitals, leisure (museums, cinemas, theaters, events), etc.

You can remotely configure the device and set up basic parameters — via intuitive portlets. Like the length of time that should elapse before an alert is sent to the server (in seconds), and what the safe distance would be.

Fall Alert System to warn you if your employee has had an accident, complete with 2 way voice calling so if an accident did occur you can call ahead to make sure they are okay.


The device also features an SOS button so if a worker needs assistance they can press it to alert the controller of an issue.

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