Silent Witness SW282

Silent Witness - SW282 Dash Cam

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Silent Witness - SW282 Dash Cam

The Silent Witness SW282 is one of the best selling dash cams in the UK. If you want to protect yourself in legal battles or just looking for something to look back at certain events, this track excels in both performance and efficiency. This particular dash cam features super HD quality providing fantastic recording quality. It's also very popular with insurance companies meaning you could save a lot of your insurance as well as helping your no claims bonus.

HD Quality

Footage is recorded in 2k resolution creating the most clear recording possible. Video records in MP4 files allowing you full screen access on any computer.

Compact and Secure Design

Small and compact in size, the SW282 often can not be seen from a regular driving position. Using a quick release suction pad they can be quickly and easily placed behind your rear view mirror.

You can choose between hardwiring the cam so that it is instantly turned on once the ignition is or choose to simply plug the cable provided into the cigarette socket.

Recording and Capacity

There are two different types of recordings when it comes to dash cams. You can choose whether to use continuous recording or incident recording.

With continuous recording the cam will record constant footage of the cars journey. Once the cameras memory capacity has been reached, new recordings will begin to over write previous journeys so you won't miss anything that happens. With incident recording the HD dash cam will only come on once the G sensor has been triggered. It will automatically save before the incident and after footage separately.

The Silent Witness HD camera is compatible with the latest range of high capacity SD cards. With the camera you receive a free 8GB micro SD card as well as having the capacity to swap it out for 64GB. This allows you to record hours worth of journeys, filming any incidents that occur.


1080p x 2560 Video processor

Insurance Approved

Wide Viewing Angle

Supports up to 64GB Micro SD Card

Built In Speed Data

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