Plug and Play GPS Taxi Tracker - 12 Months Live Tracking Included

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Plug and Play GPS Taxi Tracker

The plug and play GPS is the ideal tracker for taxis, min cabs and private hire vehicles. The taxi tracker simply plugs into the OBD (on Board Diagnostic) port of any vehicle so there are no complicated installations and the tracker can easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle as and when needed. Every vehicle has an OBD port, so the tracker can be used in any car or mini cab. There is no need to worry about your drivers unplugging the tracking OBD device as it will alert you the moment they do. The taxi tracking device can also provide full speed reports and alerts, to let you know how fast your drivers are going.


Live Tracking The price of the GPS tracker includes 1 month unlimited tracking with no hidden extra charges. After the first month you can renew for only £9.95 a month, or why not take a whole year up front for massive savings!

Track on your phone Simply download the free tracking app and control all your trackers in one place.

Simple to install Simply plug into the OBD port

Geo-fence Alerts Set up virtual geo-fences that notifies you when your drivers leave or enter designated areas.

  • See your taxi moving in real time.
  • Give your customers up to the minute arrival times.
  • No hidden extras or long contracts.
  • Track on any device (PC, Smartphone, Tablet).
  • Some of the cheapest real time tracking in the UK.
  • Full history of routes, stops and speeds.
  • Data stored for up to 3 years.

Try the DEMO

Click here to visit our live GPS tracking server, we have installed our Taxi Trackers in a few vehicles so once you have access you will be able to track the mini cabs in real time.

The DEMO Mapping Panel account gives you an all access to most of the functions of the taxi tracking system.

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