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Lone Worker Tracking Device & Charging Dock

Guardian Angel Lone Worker Tracker ( Incentive FM )

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Guardian Angel Lone Worker Tracking

Incentive FM Package Options.

Option 1 ( Data Only & Full Live Tracking )

This option will give you a multi network roaming SIM that will log onto any network anywhere in the world, it is however data only so you will be unable to call or text with this SIM, any alerts such as fall alerts and SOS button presses are still sent to the system however so you will still get those notifications you just won't be able to actually speak to the wearer.

We manage all aspects of the SIM option for you so there is absolutely no admin work needed on your end, very good option if you are managing a large group of people.

Cost : £150 including VAT and first years unlimited tracking included.

On going costs after 12 months : £60 Including VAT for a further 12 months.

OPTION 2 ( Call, Texts, Data PAYG Format )

This one is great if you would like to be able to call or text the unit from your mobile phones, it uses a pay as you go SIM card that comes with £20 credit on purchase. Good for a small team of people or an individual.

This SIM is a UK multi network roaming SIM.

You can see where the wearer is with a simple text message or even call through and chat to the wearer to ensure they are okay. If the SOS button is pressed or a fall detected a text message will be sent to up to 3 numbers alerting them of the incident.

You will also be able to log online and see them moving around in live real time just like the previous package, the main difference between the two is this one has the ability to do calls and texts also.

Cost : £150 including VAT

On Going Costs : £25/Year for the live tracking and you need to simply top up the SIM yourself whenever it starts to run low on credit, the SIM has a £1 a month line rental that is deducted off the SIM directly.

The lone worker tracker is ideal for protecting employees that are out in the field, working at remote sites or visiting members of the public. Lone worker tracking offers extra protection and peace of mind for both the worker and employer. The employer will be alerted if the lone worker presses the SOS button. The lone worker tracker also has a fall alert that will notify the employer and give the exact location of the worker. The unit will then initiate a voice call to check on the well-being on the worker.

The lone worker tracker is simple to use and has a battery life of around 5 days on one charge. Charging is simple, just place the tracker in the charging dock. Lone worker tracking comes complete with a belt clip and safety lanyard or can be carried in a pocket.

two way calling

Two Way Conversation

The lone worker tracker allows you to speak to the worker, check if they're okay or send out updates directly through the tracker.

geofence option

Geo-Fence Alerts

Set up geo-fence alters and updates on whether your lone worker leaves or enters a pre-set area.

sos function

SOS Function

The lone worker tracker will alert you by text message and initiate a voice call if your worker presses the SOS function.

fall alert function

Fall Down Alerts

Get alerts if your worker falls or has a trip. This is very useful for employees working in high risk situations.

What is Optional Real time tracking?

In normal mode your lone worker tracker will send alerts and locations by text message, but if you need to see your tracker moving around in real time you can add the live real time tracking option. This will give you the ability to log into live tracking server or use the live tracking app. You will also be able to get a full history of where your tracker has been. With this add on you will receive 12 months unlimited live tracking, after 12 months we will send you an option if you wish to continue this service.

Do you have multiple employees you need to protect? We can offer discounts for multiple units and you will be able to see your whole workforce on one screen. Call for a free quote 0800 009 6366.

Size 60mm x 40mm x 15mm Weight 30g Battery 850mAH Charging voltage 5v DC

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