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The Guardian Angel RF is an easy to use device designed to give worried parents a quick way to locate their children when they wander away unexpectedly. If a child should move more than the set alarm distance away from the parent, a 95 dB beep alarm is triggered both on the Master (the parent's unit) and the Slave unit (which is worn by the child). The Master unit also plays a melody and vibrates when the alarm is triggered. A row of LEDs light sequentially to indicate in which direction the child has strayed. Using the Guardian Angel Kid's Tracker will make your life secure and relax. No more stress for outdoors activities. You can set Three alarm distances:Near:32'+- 16' (10m+-5m), Middle: 64'+-32(20+-10m), Far:160'+-64' (50m+-20m)- Search Range: 1600 feet / 500 meters Line-of-Sight. One Base can control up to four tags
  • Alarm can be set to trigger at variable distances from approximately 16 feet, 32 feet, or 64 feet
  • 1,600 feet search radius (*Distance will vary depending on terrain and other factors.)
  • The Base is equipped with a direction indicator for speedy search
  • Tags can transmit a Panic/Stress alert call to the Base
  • One Base can control up to four tags (two tags included in this package)
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • No assembly or installation needed
  • Safe 2.4GHz RF technology
  • Alert modes 95 dB Alarm and/or vibration
  • Both Base unit and Tag unit can be muted while you are searching.
  • The Base unit is easy to hand up.
  • The Tags can be attached to children, pets, cell phones, keys, wallet, purse and other valuables.

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