• Instant Install Anti-theft Tracker

Instant Install Anti-Theft Tracker


  • Simple Installation
  • No Subscriptions
  • Track on your phone
  • Alerts you when your vehicle moves

Instant Install Anti-Theft Tracker


Simple to install
Simply connect to power
Plugs into OBD port
No wires to connect


tracker is ready to use

Ready to use
No set up needed
Ready to track when plugged in
Track on your phone


No subscriptions
Uses PAYG sim
Comes with compatible SIM card, simply top up £10 to activate initially
View credit and top up online


This tracker is ideal for quick and easy GPS Tracking. The unit plugs straight into the vehicles OBD port (on board diagnostic). The instant install GPS tracker uses a very clever SMS text based system that allows you to see where your tracker is and when it is being moved. To view the trackers current location you would simply call the trackers number from your phone. A text will be sent to you which will include a link to Google Maps. Open the link and see exactly where your tracker is.

You’re also able to set movement, speed and shock alerts that will notify you when sensed. Each time the tracker messages you it will reduce 5p from the credit. For anti-theft use we would expect between 6-15 months on £10 credit. There are no contracts or subscriptions with this tracker, if you wish to top up your trackers balance simply top up the device online.


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