• Guardian Angel Kids GPS Tracker

Guardian Angel GPS Kid Tracker


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  • Ideal for Young Children or Teenagers.
  • No hidden extras, you only pay the price of the text/call.
  • Includes everything you need to get up and running quickly.
  • Available in BlackPink & Blue.

GPS Kid Tracker

Ever worried about losing your child on the Ski slopes?

Is your child going on a school trip and you just want a little peace of mind? You can locate your kid in an instant and also have a two way conversation them should you need to. Therefore this is ideal solution if you do not want to give your child a mobile phone. The GPS Kid Tracker also has an SOS function so if your child does get lost or needs help they can contact your with the press of a button and you can see their exact location on Google maps.

The Back2You Kid / Child tracker is pre-configured therefore ready to go straight out of the box.

The unit’s features are perfect if you need to keep track of your young child or teenager and ideal for use on the Ski slopes of Europe as it will work anywhere in the world.

The tracker can be located at any time with 1 single text message. It will respond to your phone with a Google map link showing your child’s location.

The unit also has a S.O.S Button which can be pressed by your child should they need help. When the SOS button is pressed the tracker will send a text with the child’s location automatically call your phone and enable you to have a full two way conversation with your child so you can check if they are OK.

Everything is included with your tracker including the charging cable, docking station, tracker and full instructions and the SIM card is activated with £15 credit on it. There are no ongoing subscription fees associated with the tracker, you just pay for what you use at normal mobile phone rates (5p for a text 10p/min for voice communication) you can top up the SIM online by credit card or by voucher. The unit will work worldwide but you will pay more if you are using the tracker unit outside the EU.

The tracker battery will last around 4 days on one charge and the unit comes with a stylish docking station charger.



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