• Self Install

Guardian Self Install Live Tracker

£199.00 £75.00

  • Ideal for insurance and car leasing applications
  • Internal 3-axis accelerometer Crash detection, driver behavior monitoring, power saving and motion detection
  • Virtual ignition detection- no need for complex wiring to ignition circuit
  • Price includes 1 month unlimited online tracking with full European coverage.

Guardian Self Install GPS Tracker

The Self Install GPS Tracker is the perfect answer to all your live tracking needs. The tracker simply sits on top of your vehicle battery.  Just two wires to connect so anyone can install it within seconds.

This tracker comes with everything needed for 1 month of tracking, after this the tracker costs £9.95 a month, additional months can be purchased HERE

In addition to Full Live Tracking it includes a host of features like driver behaviour monitoring and crash detection.

If you change your vehicle you can simply move the tracker over to your new vehicle with no costly installation fees to pay.