• Guardian Angel Tamper Proof

Guardian Angel Tamper Proof Tracker


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  • Pre-installed activated UK SIM card.
  • Tamper proof design no buttons or switches
  • Long battery life up to 7 days on one charge
  • Optional Tamper proof medical style wrist bands to prevent tracker being removed by user.


If our regular Guardian Angel trackers would not be suitable for your loved one might be better with a Tamper Proof Tracker. This version has no buttons or switches to press. It simply sits either in a pocket or worn like a wirstband which they may be more comfortable with. When your loved one goes missing you can locate them within seconds and view their location on Google maps. If the user gets lost or confused you will at any time be able to contact the unit for a location update in seconds letting you help the person return home.

You can also set a boundary around your home so the unit will alert you if your loved one goes astray.  There is a built in sensor that can also alert you if a fall occurs.

Best of all there are no subscriptions or contracts to worry about.  The unit uses a pay as you go SIM card (included) so you only pay for calls or text actually used. The Sim includes £15 of credit which should be enough for several months normal use. 

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call today on 0800 009 6366.

Tamper Proof Tracker Frequently asked questions:

How do the trackers work?

Each tracker has a SIM card just like a mobile phone. You can request the location of the tracker by sending a text message from your mobile phone. The tracker will respond back to you with a text message containing a google map link so you can see the exact location on your phone.

Are there any monthly subscription fees?

No, the tracker just use a pay as you go sim card so you only pay for the actual calls or text message the unit uses.

How much will it cost me to run?

When the tracker sends its location by text message the cost of the text message (5p in the UK) will be deducted from the credit on the sim card in the tracker. The tracker comes pre-loaded with £15 credit (enough for 300 text messages) you can check the balance or top up the sim online at any time.

Are the any hidden extra charges for accessories

No everything you need is in the box, tracker, pre-inserted SIM card, 1 reuseable velcro band.

Can the tracker alert me if the user leaves home?

Yes, a virtual boundary can be set around a home, area or even a town so the tracker will instantly alert you if the user goes outside the area.

How many people will the tracker alert?

Up to 3 numbers can be programed into the unit. The tracker will send any alarm messages to all of these numbers.

How long will the battery last between charges?

With normal regular use the battery can last up to around 7 days.

Is the unit easy to charge?

Yes it just plug the charging cable into the side of the unit.

Is the tracker waterproof?

Yes the tracker is waterproof and dustproof.

Will it work with any type of mobile phone?

The tracker will work with any mobile phone but to get the full benefit of seeing the location on google maps you will need a phone that can access maps.

I am not very technical will I be able to use the tracker?

Yes. The trackers are very simple to use and if you get stuck we are only a free phone call away.

I still have questions can I speak to a real person?

Yes call us free on 0800 0096 366 for free advice on any aspects of tracking.

Additional information

Would you like live tracking?

YES (+£25), NO

Would you like x10 anti tamper wristbands

YES (+£5), NO