Pet Trackers

If you have an adventurous canine who likes to run off, one of the dog trackers offered by Back2You could help you to keep your pet safe. Specially designed for pets, these trackers are operated via an Android/iPhone app which will enable you to keep an eye on your dog wherever you are, and will place the information that you need about your pet’s location in the palm of your hand.

The discreet design of these GPS pet trackers means that they can be worn with ease by dogs of all sizes, whilst their waterproof housing means that they will be tough enough to withstand even the most extreme of conditions. These trackers also feature a geo-fence alarm to alert you if your pet leaves a designated area, for example your garden if you have a dog who enjoys escaping.

Equestrian Trackers

Horse riders are especially vulnerable when riding alone. If the horse bolts or they fall from the horse they may not be able to call for help. The back2you horse rider tracker has a built in fall alert which will alert up to 3 separate people via their mobile phone should the rider fall. The horse tracker unit will send a text message to the 3 programmed number saying that the user has fallen and give their location with a google map link, the horse rider GPS tracker will then auto dial the first number in its memory and open up its microphone and speaker so the person can have a two way voice conversation with the rider to check if they are OK or need help.  If you are worried about saddle or tack theft then our saddle tracker can offer protection against the growing tend in saddle theft. The saddle tracker will alert you the moment your saddle moves out of the stable or tack room and will let you track its exact movements and location.

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Showing all 3 results