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Magnetic Caravan Tracker No Subscription Fees


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features of magnetic tracker

The Magnetic Caravan Tracker

GPS product features

Our Best Selling Caravan Tracker

Simple to use
Just call the Caravan tracker
From your phone and it will send you
A text message back showing its exact location

tracker is ready to use

Works right out of the box
The Magnetic Tracker is
Fully set up ready to use
Simply turn on and track

Long Battery Life
Lasts up to 90 days on one charge
Recharge with mains charger
Or connect to leisure battery

caravan movemnt alert

Movement Alert
The Caravan GPS Tracker will alert you
By text message the moment
Your caravan moves

strong magnet gps

Strong Magnetic Base
The magnet will hold
The tracker firmly in place
So you can fit in seconds

UK Sim card included
No contracts or credit checks.
Comes with free compatible SIM card as standard, simply top up £10 to activate online initially

In your box you will get :
1.  GPS Tracking Device
2. Instruction Manual
3. Water Resistant Pouch
4. Mains Charger
5. Un-activated Pay As You Go SIM Card

Hard Wire Kit ( Includes wiring loom and 2 additional external antennae )
Car Charger Kit ( 12v socket “Cigarette Lighter” charger )
Fully Activated Pay As You Go SIM Card ( Setup with £15 credit and ready to use )
Global Data SIM & Live Tracking ( Full 24/7  Live Tracking, For more info on Live Tracking CLICK HERE )

How does it work?
The tracker has a SIM card just like a mobile phone with its own phone number
If you want to locate your Caravan simply ring the tracker from your mobile just
like you would call a friend, after 10 seconds end the call and the tracker will send you a
text message back giving its exact location and a link to google maps so you can view on your
phone. You can also set the unit to alert you by text message the moment your caravan moves.

Back2you is leading the way in caravan security. If your motor home or Caravan is stolen you know you can trust one of our precise tracking devices to retrieve your mobile home, the tracking device will last for around 30 days on Live Tracking or run for up to 90 days on one charge or up to 12 months in the deep sleep mode.
Simple to control with a single text message or call, keeps costs low with no contracts to sign!

Dimensions 95mm x 60mm x 36mm Weight 300g

Got a Question? Give us a call
0800 009 6366

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