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Guardian Angel GPS Elderly Person Tracker


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eledrly tracker

The Guardian Angel GPS Elderly Person Tracker

Wide Range of Trackers for Elderly People


sos function

SOS Function
The tracker will alert
You by text message
And voice call
If the user presses the SOS


fall alert function
Fall Down Alert
Will send alert if
The user falls


geofence option

Safe Zone Alerts
Get alerts if the user
Leaves or enters
Pre-set areas such home
Or garden.


two way calling
Two Way Conversation
You can speak to the user
At any time and check
If they are OK


Each tracker has a SIM card just like a mobile phone. You can request the location of the tracker by sending a text message from your mobile phone. The tracker for elderly will respond back to you with a text message containing a google map link so you can see the exact location on your phone. All sim card details are provided with purchase.

If your loved one goes missing you can locate them within seconds and view their location on Google maps. If the user gets lost or confused they can press the SOS button and the unit will send their location to the carer and automatically call them allowing a full two way conversation so you can reassure them and tell them help is on the way.

Best of all there are no subscriptions or contracts to worry about.  The unit uses a pay as you go SIM card (included) so you only pay for calls or text actually used. Comes with compatible SIM card, simply top up £10 to activate online initially.

What is Optional Real time tracking? – in normal text mode your tracker will alert you the moment a person leaves an area but if you need to see your tracker moving around in real time you can add the live real time tracking option. This will give you the ability to log in to the www.back2youtracking.com live tracking server or use the live tracking app. You will also be able to get a full history of where your tracker has been. Using live tracking is very battery intensive so battery duration will be reduced. With this add on you will receive 12 months unlimited live tracking, after 12 months we will send you an option if you wish to continue this service.


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