Pet Trackers

Pet Tracker

Has you dog ever escaped from your garden and taken itself on a walk of its own?

Stray dogs not not only cause distress to the owner but can put your pet in danger. If your dog is not used to being out on his own he or she will not be aware of the dangers that can await outside the safety of home.

Did you know you can report a found stray dog in the UK on a government website 

By having a Pet Tracker on your dogs collar you will know the moment your pet leaves your garden. You can see the exact location of your dog on your phone. If your dog bolts when your are out walking he can be out of sight within seconds but if you have your phone with you the GPS dog tracker will show you where your pet is on a map.

The pet trackers are waterproof and built to stand up to rugged use. The battery will last around 5 days on one charge and are easy to recharge. The GPS pet tracking devices come ready to use so no complicated set up is needed.


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