Do you know exactly where your motorhome is right now?


Motorhome theft in the UK is on rise by 20%. With 17 million caravan trips taken in 2016 it makes sense that you want to protect your valuable asset.

GPS trackers are fantastic tracking devices allowing you to keep an eye on the whereabouts of your motorhome at all times. Not only do our motorhome tracking systems let you see their location but will also alert you if they move.

At Back2you we have a wide range of anti-theft GPS trackers to keep your vehicles safe.Back2You Self Contained Caravan and Motorhome GPS Tracker Logo

Our best selling motorhome tracker is Magnetic Caravan & Motorhome Tracker. This specific tracker comes with a whole range of features such as a strong magnetic base and a large internal 3 month battery life. If You wish to double protection and wire the device in then full wiring kit is provided. The self monitored tracker uses a SMS system to send and receive commands. To receive a location you would simply ring the tracker and receive a location in the form of Google Maps.

If you don’t require an internal battery our Wired Motorhome & Caravan Tracker may be for you. This vehicle tracker simply needs connecting to the battery and you’re ready to go. The GPS tracker uses state of the art tracking technology to provide precise locations and alerts. If your motorhome is in danger you will be first to know.

Police recommend that new purchases should be secured with a GPS tracking device. Since 2009 more than £3.3 Million worth of caravans have been recovered by the NaVCIS due to the usage of Anti-Theft GPS Trackers however, thousands are never recovered.

Using a GPS Motorhome tracker has never been easier.


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