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Covert Quad Bike Tracker


wired tracker features

Covert Quad Bike Tracker


Super Stealth 
The tracker is disguised as
a quad bike component.


ultra compact quad bike tracker

Ultra Compact Design
Around half the size of a cigarette pack
the tracker will fit on any Quad


Track Live on your Phone
Simple to use app
with multiple features


tracker is ready to use

Comes ready to use
2 wires
Just connect to power
No complicated set up required.



The Covert Quad Bike GPS Tracker is designed to protect your quad from theft.
The quad tracking device is cleverly disguised as a quad bike component so any potential thief will not be alerted to the fact your quad has a tracking device.
The price of the tracker included 12 months unlimited tracking with no hidden extra charges. After the first 12 months another years tracking will cost you just £50
The tracker will not only protect your quad bike from a theft but also give you a full history of your journeys and speeds.
Simple to set up Geo fence zones can set up around your home or farm so you get alerts as soon as your vehicle leaves your property.
Ultra low power consumption.


Size: 90mm x 50mm x 10mm

Weight: 50g

8v-36v working voltage range

Waterproof IP65 Rating

2 Meter Accuracy outdoors

12 months guarantee

Operates in temperatures from -20c to +65c


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