Van Trackers

Enjoy complete control with our wide selection of van trackers. Enabling you to view the real-time movements and full journey history of your vehicles, our tracker systems for vans ensure you can always monitor the behaviour and productivity of your fleet.

Previously, fleet operators were left completely blind once their vehicles had left the lot, meaning they could never be certain if their drivers were operating safely and efficiently. Due to advancements in GPS technology, now you can enjoy full visibility of your drivers' movements, with modern devices now capable of tracking speeds, routes and alerting you as soon as a driver ventures off course.


Back2You provide a range of van trackers designed to improve business processes and enhance vehicle security, allowing you to accurately monitor the position of your vans in real-time. After simply logging in via a desktop, laptop or mobile device, our van trackers will provide a full view of your fleet’s location and movements, while they can also be set up to log a full history of previous journeys. Encouraging good driver behaviour and helping you plan more efficient routes, modern van trackers can be used to save money on fuel, prevent theft and increase productivity; while potentially reducing the risk of accident and significantly improving your delivery times.


In short, our range of van trackers can result in safer vehicles, lower insurance premiums and, more importantly, satisfied customers.


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