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Live Caravan Tracker GPS - Fully Setup - Battery Powered

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Pay As You Go Tracking Plan

Long Life Caravan Tracker - No Wires - Fully Set up Ready to Track

Do you want a tracker that is simple to use, come fully set up ready to track, needs no wiring and will track live in real time so you always know where your vehicle is?

The long life Caravan tracker is one of our most advanced tracking devices. The compact device is totally self contained and needs no wires making it very difficult for a thief to find. All you have to do is find a place to hide it.

compact design tracker

The high capacity rechargeable battery will power the tracker for up to 4 months on one charge so there is no need to worry about the device flattering your leisure battery. The tracker has anti Jam technology and a tamper alert to defeat the most professional thieves.

The tracker will alert you the moment your Caravan Moves off your Drive or out of its storage compound.


1 month full live real time tracking and multi network SIM card included so you can see the location of your Caravan live on your Phone, PC or Tablet at any time and also get alerts to your phone the moment your caravan moves from its base.

No contracts or credit checks - Unlike many tracking companies we will we will not tie you into long contracts the price of the tracker includes 1 Month FREE tracking. After your first month you can choose to add extra months on a pay as you go basis.

Size: 112mm x 78mm x 28mm

Type: Vehicle Trackers

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