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Child Trackers

Losing a child in a busy city is every parent’s worst nightmare. Many parents have had a heart stopping moment when they turn around in a busy shopping centre and notice their child has gone missing. A GPS tracker for kids can give you that extra peace of mind knowing that you can locate your child at any time. Our child GPS trackers also enable your little ones to contact you by simply pressing the SOS button on the GPS Tracker. All our range of GPS tracker for kids are simple to use and can be tracked on your phone or PC.


In the UK, 14,000 kids go missing every year. Thankfully, most are found safe and well but the distress of losing a child for even a few minutes can be devastating. A child tracker with an SOS function can give you that extra peace of mind. You can pinpoint your child at any time and also have a two-way conversation with them to check if they are OK or if they need further help.


For older children we also have watch trackers that can be discreetly worn, giving even the most timid child the extra confidence if they are suffering from bullying at school.


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