COVID19 Update.

Thank you for your support during this troubling time. 

We are working to minimise disruption to our services but we must look after our own staff, because of this we are working with a skeleton crew and are currently unable to answer any phone calls. 


The first thing I would like to say is there should be NO disruption to our live tracking service, everything is in place for this to run autonomously but our development of some additional features may be delayed. 


Our Live chat system is still up and running and we will do our best to get round to everyone just like normal, please note due to a rise in emails we may not be able to get round to everyone as quickly as we would normally due to staff being pulled in from their normal jobs to help in other areas. 


We are continuing to try and dispatch all orders as quickly as we possibly can but due to further restrictions to Royal Mail there may be more delays and any Guaranteed Delivery orders may also suffer delays on Royal mails end but if we need to get in contact with you we will do to let you know. 


Thank you from all of us here at Back2you for reading and your understanding. Be Safe.